Changelog 16.05.2018

The maintenance is done and the server is online now. Here is a list of the changes that were done while the server was offline.
- Added a 5 minute cool-down to reverses WHILE jobbing.
- Dragon Sore Blade Critical modified to -> 5
- Added a 1 minute teleport cool-down for traders, they can't spam it after encountering thieves now.
- Removed all trade-routes, you may use the original ones now.
- Enabled Special Bargain Goods (Roc, Taklamakan, Bandit, etc)
- Nerfed Survival Event & War of The Best's Lord Yarkan HP by 50%
- Changed Forgotten World reward to Seal of Indura shield
- Added Stone Crates (One for attribute stones, one for magic stones except for STR/INT, and one for STR/INT stones) for 40 Pyrite Points and every crate will give 25 stones from each type
- Removed honor weapons from all storage NPCs
- Added immortals in the gold miner NPC for 180m each
- Added Job Lottery tickets in the gold miner NPC for 100m each (Take care, they're stackable, so don't CTRL+Click them)
- Increased Gold Coin/Pyrite Points and Job Lottery rates for jobbers
- Enabled CTF (Done while the server was online)
- Enabled War of The Best event and the rest of the automatic events (Done while the server was online)
- Added arrows in Samarkand's Blacksmith NPC
- Removed 10D and 9D Lucky Powders from Samarkand's Grocery Shop
- Nerfed the HP of the boxes in Survival Arena
- Decreased NPC thieves to 3~4 per 5*, instead of 7~8
- Modified Job Temple unique monsters schedule, the previous schedule didn't fit a lot of players.

Pyrite Online Grand Opening


Server Stats
  • Players Online: 445 / 3500
    Support Online: 2 / 7 
  • Cap: 80
  • Exp: 9x
  • Exp (Party): 12x
  • PC Limit (HWID): 2
  • IP Limit: 4
Server timer
  • Servertime: 09:41:38
  • CTF:
  • Survivial Arena:
  • Limits Reset:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: 24/7 Except during Fortresswar
Fortress War
  • JG Fortress: Not occupied
  • HT Fortress: UNDISPUTED
  • BT Fortress: Not occupied
Lastest 10 Unique Kills
  • OwnYouNigga has killed Uruchi 00h 11m 42s ago

  • OwnYouNigga has killed Tiger Girl 00h 13m 09s ago

  • Miss_Luria has killed Uruchi(STR) 00h 22m 34s ago

  • Genesis has killed Isyutaru(STR) 00h 54m 50s ago

  • MamBa has killed Isyutaru 01h 18m 35s ago

  • OwnYouNigga has killed Tiger Girl(STR) 01h 25m 54s ago

  • Genesis has killed Lord Yarkan(STR) 01h 30m 57s ago

  • DeadlyGod has killed Tiger Girl 01h 45m 01s ago

  • AntiVirus has killed Uruchi 01h 51m 38s ago

  • Miss_Luria has killed Lord Yarkan 02h 01m 05s ago