Changelog 08.08.2018

The maintenance is done and the server is now online again. Below is a list of the changes that were done during this maintenance.
-Reset the honor ranking
-Newly created characters will now start at level 76 with 8D SoS +5 set. - Giving a chance for newcomers to catch up with the old players.
-Fixed a bug which made your skills/stats not reset if you used Skill and Stat Reset Scroll before logging out. It previously reset only your stats or skills and required you to log out again to perform the other reset.
-Increased the alchemy rate for +1~+4.
-Started the task scheduler - It was stopped which caused many events to not start at their schedules.-
-Fixed Captain Ivy and Cerberus (both str and int versions) - They previosuly didn't appear in the website unique kill log after killing them.
-Added a new Coin as a reward from jobbing and battle arena. The coin name is Stone Coin and with this coin, you can buy Immortal, Astral and Luck stones from Wei Chen | Pyrite's Special Shop. This coin is tradable.
-Added Pyrite Crates (SoS Crates, Asura Crate and Elixir Crate). You can buy them from Wei Chen | Pyrite's Special Shop for Pyrite Points.
-Added a new quest which will automatically be granted to all characters, this quest requires you to kill all the normal uniques aka Tiger Girl, Uruchi, Captain Ivy, Isyutaru, Cerberus, Lord Yarkan and Demon Shaitan (Both STR and INT versions will count). Once you finish the quest, you will automatically receive 50 silks. The quest will get reset for those who have done it daily at 11:59 PM server time.
-Fixed a bug which made the spawning of STR Captain Ivy overlap with the spawning of INT Captain Ivy.
-Thanos will now spawn randomly in any spot of the normal unique monsters every 6~8 hours.
-Enabled the Top Jobbers Title System.
-Removed FW from the winners of the previous Fortress war.
The changelog might look small but a lot of work was done to complete it. We hope you'll like it!
Sincerely, Pyrite Staff

Update on the GameServer issue

Greetings, everyone!


Our gameserver issues are permanently fixed! You can now enjoy a smooth gameplay with no lags/downtimes!


Pyrite Staff

Changelog 31.07.2018

The maintenance is done and the server is up again. Below is a list of the changes that were done during this maintenance.
-Drastically increased the EXP rate
-Added the Job uniques to Job Cave - Job uniques will drop unique coins, Magic Pops and will have a chance to drop Seal of Star Sets. They'll also drop immortal stones and other silk items.
-Increased thieves gold reward and Coins reward - A thief will get 20M~24M for a 5* stolen trade and 5 Pyrite Points/Gold Coins now.
-Removed the duplicated Celestial Knight outfit from the avatars npc
-Picked Magic POP cards will now get shared among the whole party - it previously went to the picker only
-Decreased the amount of NPC thieves that spawn for a 5* trade.
-Fixed some stuff that were probably causing the GameServer to crash.
-Decreased the price of vigors to 10k each instead of 500k each.
-Decreased the price of Speed Potions to fit the current server economy.
-Increased the sell price to NPC of 9D normal items slightly.
-Added Arrows to samarkand - They were previously added but were not visually shown
-Added Thanos - Thanos will drop Sos Items, Magic Pop Cards and other silk items such as immortals, reverse return scrolls and globals.
-Enabled Battle Arena - Winner team will get 8 silver coins while the defeated team will get 3 silver coins. Guild battle arena winner will get 10 coins while the defeated team will get 4 silver coins.
-Added Cerberus in Jangan and Captain Ivy in Donwhang.
-Increased the drop rate of everything inside the Job Cave
-Added a 105% speed with a duration of 7 Days for 99 Silks in the Item Mall.
-Added a teleport in Togui Trade route below Camp 2 which will take you to Donwhang's earth ghost canyon - This will speed up the process of trading when coming back from roc mountain to Donwhang. Exact place: (I'm bad at taking screenshots, I know.)
-Changed the price of 5* goods to 20m
-Enabled Last Man Standing Event
-Enabled War of the Best event - The schedule will be announced shortly.

Pyrite Reborn is ONLINE!

Pyrite Reborn is officially ONLINE now!
Server Stats
  • Players Online: 132 / 3500
    Support Online: 2 / 7 
  • Cap: 90
  • Exp: 15x
  • Exp (Party): 18x
  • PC Limit (HWID): 2
  • IP Limit: 4
Server timer
  • Servertime: 02:06:37
  • CTF:
  • Survivial Arena:
  • Limits Reset:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: 24/7 Except during Fortresswar
Fortress War
  • JG Fortress: Not occupied
  • HT Fortress: Eternity
  • BT Fortress: Not occupied
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  • FreddyKruger has killed Demon Shaitan 00h 22m 12s ago

  • FreddyKruger has killed Lord Yarkan(STR) 00h 35m 51s ago

  • Sawah has killed Uruchi 00h 43m 05s ago

  • _M_SmSm_R_ has killed Tiger Girl 00h 52m 43s ago

  • FreddyKruger has killed Captain Ivy(STR) 01h 06m 02s ago

  • Ri0nZ has killed Tiger Girl(STR) 01h 08m 41s ago

  • Udyr has killed Isyutaru(STR) 01h 11m 21s ago

  • FreddyKruger has killed Demon Shaitan(STR) 01h 13m 20s ago

  • MR_HELL2 has killed Isyutaru 01h 17m 13s ago